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What is Select?

Select is Chemistry’s pre-hiring applicant screening platform. It uses scientifically robust, expertly customised people assessments to help you hire the best people for your business – consistently and at scale.

How do we do it?

We identify the traits and behaviours unique to the best people in your organisation, define What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) for you, then build bespoke pre-hiring assessments based on WGLL™ and Chemistry’s 5-Box Model.

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Intellect Personality Motivations Behaviours Experience

5-Box Model

Chemistry’s 5-Box Model is the core IP that powers everything we do. Its unique methodology means we can predict future performance more accurately than anyone else in the marketplace.

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Intellect is a measure of the speed and accuracy at which someone takes in, processes and retains information. It’s stacked at the top of the 5-Box Model because it’s the hardest thing to change.

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Personality is formed by the inner dispositions that shape behaviour. It determines how we think, feel and act, and is a fundamental part of what makes us similar or different to others.

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Motivations are the external factors that satisfy internal needs and drive our behaviour. Measuring them enables us to predict which contexts someone is likely to exhibit behaviours and perform well in.

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Behaviours are the observable actions we see someone do at work. We look at Behaviours because we’re interested in what someone will do in a given context, not what they can do.

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Experience is what someone knows and what they’ve done before. Previous experience is the least reliable predictor of performance. It’s stacked at the bottom because it’s the easiest thing to change.

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5-Box Model

Only by measuring the appropriate combination of all five boxes can you build an accurate picture of someone’s potential to perform. That’s what makes us experts in predicting people performance.

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Roger Philby, Chemistry Founder & CEO, explains how What Great Looks Like works
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Video What is WGLL 3:0
What is WGLL

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