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Welcome to the team, Harry

Welcome to the team, Harry


At 18, Harry’s had a less than usual start. A sparkling youth career at Reading Football Club, along with studying part time and getting straight A’s and A*’s in his GCSE’s, he’s chosen to go straight to work rather than head to uni. Give him a book, he’s not comfy. Give him data and analysis, he’s in his element.


“Football was 25% euphoria and 75% gutting, I stopped enjoying it. What I do know is that it was amazing preparation for work. I feel like I’m ready for anything. You’re disciplined about time and effort – you learn quickly if you get fined for not being on time or your boots aren’t clean enough. You become incredibly thick-skinned because decisions are made about you, sometimes overnight, which seem illogical and are never explained – I was dropped from a team for not being athletic enough, yet topped a sprint test. You’re only ever as good as your last game.


 “Here in a workplace, there is so much reason. Things are explained, there’s allowance to learn from mistakes, the learning curve is smoother, gradual, deeper and constant. There’s intellectual conversation that makes it brilliant to learn and understand the issues and successes that companies are seeing. Having structure in a fast environment is fantastic – I liked it with football and I like it here.


It’s a little funny coming into Chemistry. I‘ve heard about Dad’s work for 15 years. So a few things we’ve talked about around the dinner table and then much of it I’m learning as quickly as possible. I’m working as a junior consultant which means a lot of analysis, pulling together insights, sales coordination, and meeting clients. Although I’m full time now, I started part-time in the evenings, particularly helping Chemistry’s US business, which was such a good starting point. For me, I see financial services as my future. Data, analysis, structure. Perfect.