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Welcome to the team, Charlotte

Welcome to the team, Charlotte


Charlotte, Lead Consultant

Charlotte has worked in recruitment for 25 years, starting at British Airways as a PA. She found that every job she did was a promotion and all had a Human Resources slant.

Recruitment, says Charlotte, is always the exciting bit. Since BA, she’s worked at private and public sector organisations as Head of Talent Acquisition. Here at Chemistry, it’s all about working with key clients, understanding and delivering to their particular needs.

“In one of my previous roles, we did the ‘Press office check’. It was to make sure decisions we made and processes we put in place would make it positively through a journalist’s news article if it came to that. It’s a good compliancy and brand test, but I’m very glad my role here at Chemistry is so different. Here we work on trust. I’ve known of Chemistry for years; I have long been inspired by what they do so cleverly. Joining the team felt like an utterly natural and right progression for me.

Helping people is vital to me, especially around diversity and inclusion. I particularly like helping young people who don’t have a role model; I do this through the Amos Bursary. Kids phone me to ask ‘do I take sandwiches to work?’; that’s the sort of thing that worries them and you can see why if you put yourself in their shoes. They like that I didn’t go to uni, it shows there are opportunities for us all. Another great project I was involved in was helping members of the military into roles, also ex-offenders, with the belief that once rehabilitated they deserved a second chance and needed some help to get back on track…

Coming over to consultancy is brilliant – and challenging. I have to unlearn some things, as well as use my background for context.”