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Welcome to the team, Alex

Welcome to the team, Alex


Alex, Junior Consultant


Alex has a masters in Social Cognition from UCL, speaks 3 languages fluently (and 2 others passably) and

has learned to be incredibly adaptable, not least because he’s lived in Romania, Italy and now the UK.

He studied organisational psychology, human behaviour and psychometric assessments as part of his masters, which blends his background perfectly to the fit and culture of Chemistry.


Most companies don’t use any kind of scientific approach when they hire. We do. For example, we identify the motivation, intellect and personality traits using objective data in order to define What Great Looks Like in a company, and then find the people that fit their specific needs.


What I enjoy most about working at Chemistry is the fact that there’s a real feeling of investment into us as people here.  We are provided with constant training and development opportunities, and with follow-ups to make sure we are happy with our development and the current pace of work. 


As a team, we discuss everything and are involved in each and every stage of a project which means we are always learning new things. On top of that we spend time with every team member to understand how they work. We’re encouraged to talk to everyone and to interact, as part of our objectives. It means we all have a better understanding of how we each like to work and what our strengths are, making connecting with a client a much easier task.


When I started, within the first month I was already going to client meetings. I was being supportively pushed to do more and to develop. I love the buzz, the energy and the high pace environment. I don’t like things being imposed on me, yet here I can work in the way that works best for me, whether it’s at a desk, on the couch or moving around.


Chemistry people all have the same thread running through and while we all work differently; I’ve never seen a group of people working so well together