Chemistry’s culture is what sets us apart

Roger Philby Roger Philby
Roger Philby
Ikram Basi Ikram Basi
Ikram Basi
Client Support Specialist
Sterling Grey Sterling Grey
Sterling Grey
Lead Consultant
Mick Lock Mick Lock
Mick Lock
Head of Product
Francesca Cockram Francesca Cockram
Francesca Cockram
Resourcing Manager
Alex Farcas Alex Farcas
Alex Farcas
Junior Consultant
Felix Schmirler Felix Schmirler
Felix Schmirler
Business Psychologist
Emily Maslen Emily Maslen
Emily Maslen
Ibrahim Fashawe Ibrahim Fashawe
Ibrahim Fashawe
Account Executive
Ed McEwan Ed McEwan
Ed McEwan
Business Analyst
Diarmuid Harvey Diarmuid Harvey
Diarmuid Harvey
Business Psychologist
Chris Pocock Chris Pocock
Chris Pocock
Business Analyst
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